Sunday, August 20, 2006

One Giant Step

Graham starts kindergarten tomorrow. A giant step indeed. Am I sad? Absolutely not. My little boy is about to embark on a journey of learning that will hopefully carry through his entire life. He's off to the Ohlone School, a Palo Alto school that focuses on progressive, whole child education. Admission is by lottery. We are truly fortunate.

My wish is that he learns how to learn and that he develops a profound curiosity for the world around him. He has a wonderful teacher, kind and engaging classmates. The school features mixed classes (Kindergarten/1st Grade), no grades but extensive teacher evaluations, self-directed learning (accelerating over the years), and minimal homework. This special place even has its own farm.

One giant step, indeed. Here's to you, Graham, and here's to learning. May the life of the mind find you young and stay with you. I'll be here to help any way I can.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Animal Style

We moved as a pack to In 'N Out Burger after doing store checks (marketing pays the mortgage, after all). I've been a fan of In 'n Out Burger since we moved to the Golden State but had no idea that a secret menu existed.

My colleagues took good care of me, introducing me to "Animal Style" burgers. I was intrigued, delighted, and included. The burger really is better with mustard, griddled onions and special sauce.

I've been all over the web searching for more. Yes, In 'N Out Burger has a more extensive menu. It's pretty staightforward--more meat, more cheese--after "Animal Style."

Nevertheless, it's fun to be an insider. Maybe I'll try the extra crispy fries next time . . . .