Thursday, February 22, 2007

Good Mystery Series

I cannot believe it's already the end of February. The new year is already flying by and I often feel mired in quicksand. One consolation is discovering a terrific mystery series by Dana Cameron. The series features a female protagonist, Emma Fielding, who is an East Coast professor and anthropologist with a strong sideline interest in forensics. No matter where she goes, the bodies turn up in due course. The characters, relationships and dialog are smart and engaging. Get thee to the bookstore!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Sardines: The Latest for Kids

I love the Gastrokid blog. Why not, I say? I have kids and I love food. Sometimes, they love food too. When they do, life is truly an adventure.

This post on sardines for kids touched me (just click the title here to go there). I loved sardines as a kid and I love them today. However, I have not shared the fishy little morsels with my offspring. The Gastrokid guys give me inspiration. The penguin angle (eat the whole fish!) just might work.