Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day!

I love the concept of Earth Day. One year ago, I wrote about efforts to "go green." The good news is that we have made and continue to make progress.

It's been easy to:

Change to CFL bulbs throughout the house (and change light bulbs less, too!).
Use microfiber cloths for everything from cleaning furniture to computer keyboards.
Recycle like maniacs.
Pack zero-waste lunches with the fantastic lunchboxes from Obentec.
Use cold water to do laundry.

We're planning a great garden for this summer and trying to eat closer to the earth and lower on the food chain.

I just cleaned up my husband's and my bicycles so we can start using more of our own energy to get around. The kids will be ecstatic.

What are you doing to live more lightly on the Earth?