Monday, December 31, 2007

Turn, Turn, Turn

The new year is upon us. The turn of the year always offers a time for reflection, resolve and planning. I love the "blank slate" feeling of entering a new year.

My head is in the clouds today and I feel a bit like Janus, simultaneously looking forward and back. I am making a concerted effort to live 2008 with more intent, more presence and am trying to determine the specific ways I might accomplish that.

I've been reading blogs, literally from around the world, this morning. To my delight, everyone seems to be able to find original words and original ways to usher in the new year. My words are by no means original but I'm holding "peace" and "joy" in my heart today.

What words are you holding close as we enter a new year?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Since when are ornaments sold without the little hooks to attach them to the tree?

Yesterday I excavated lights, trees skirt, and garland from the garage. I couldn't find ornaments in the right color; we've had several waves of tree themes over the years.

Today, I ran out and purchased a few boxes of simple silver orbs to finish the tree. No issue with the ornaments themselves. However, there were no little wire hooks in any of the boxes. I checked my old ornaments and found, to my dismay, no little wire hooks. What am I missing here?

It was a challenge to get the ornaments into a stable place on the tree. Do people no longer use little wire hooks to hang ornaments? Aaargh!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Haiku: Container

One Deep Breath's prompt this week is "Container." Container? It took me a while to connect to the prompt but this morning's rainy, windy Northern California weather showed the way.

Hands wrapped around mug
Hot coffee fragrances the
Windy, rainy morn