Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Labor Day . . . and Welcome Fall

It's Labor Day. I am laboring. Six gigantic bags of outgrown kids clothes and shoes bundled up for Goodwill. It really is energizing to clean and, importantly, share. Hubby is doing various chores around the house. Kids are careening about but harmlessly enough. Three day weekends are grand.

Organization is this weekend's theme. Old clothing gets donated. The Master Calendar with all of the kids activities, school and otherwise, is updated. Healthy take-along lunch and snack foods have been identified and the proper gear purchased. Now if we can just get to filing the mountains of paper around here . . . .

Labor Day marks the coming of my favorite season--Fall. Palo Alto is glorious this time of year--warm days and cool, crisp nights. The leaves are starting to turn (somewhat) and will drop from trees, giving me as much of a signal as I need that fall is here.

I've lived by the academic calendar as far back as I can remember, becoming more energized with the cooler weather and the start of school. With both kids now sharing the routine, I feel the cycle of seasons even more deeply. Graham is into Week 2 of Kindergarten and loving it. Lauren has started pre-school at The Friends School and is adjusting well. She hasn't shed a tear. My babies are secure little beings and this will be a big year for both of them.

My personal challenge is to jumpstart my own learning: physically, emotionally and intellectually. I must--simply must--find a way to embrace physical fitness. I'm not getting any younger and I need to be in shape. This is a BIG challenge and this new phase of the year is a good time to face that head-on. I need to attend to emotional growth--for myself and my family. I am more often kind and generous with those around me than those closest to me. That balance needs to be redressed. I also need to keep learning. This is less an issue than a joy for me. I need to map out the classes, communities, and individual endeavors that will keep me learning and being creative this year.

At the start of a new season, it's all good. I'm ready for my favorite season and trying my best to live life to its fullest.

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