Sunday, August 12, 2007


Around the corner stands a small Russian Orthodox church: Protection of the Holy Virgin Church. It is a tiny building but its blue onion domes help it stand out in this neighborhood of low-slung Eichler homes.

Something else makes it stand out: at 10:00 (ish) every Sunday morning, Protection of the Holy Virgin Church's bell tolls. It's not the deep, throaty toll I remember from St. Johns when I was growing up. This bell sounds more like the bells I heard at Buddhist temples in Kyoto. When I first heard the slightly tinny, high pitched ring, I assumed a neighbor had some sort of bell or gong. This is California, after all. One day, I was passing by the church and heard the bell. I'd found the source of my Sunday morning call to be present. I just heard again a few moments ago and wanted to share.

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bob said...

Bells are very evocative for me too, with deep hooks into memory that don't seem to fade. If you've ever heard a bell "tolling" for a funeral, you know what I mean.