Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Resuming the Conversation

It's been far too long since I last posted. However, it's a new month, for some a new year, and a chance to start with the proverbial clean slate.

The last conversation I was having was about "go to" podcasts . . . the words that make me run to sync the iPod on a regular basis.

Today, I need to share KCRW's Good Food. Hosted by Evan Kleiman, Good Food brings great conversation about interesting food on a weekly basis. The Market Report is very much specific to Southern California; being a resident of California's North, I tend to fast forward through that segment unless Russ Parsons is speaking on anything vegetal. What happens next on Good Food could be a trip to an ethnic restaurant, a conversation with a leading Slow Food advocate, chef, or innovator.

The bottom line is that KRCW's Good Food never fails to engage me. Evan's voice is distinctive and keeps me coming back for more.

Now if only I can find taco trucks in the Bay Area that rival what can be found on the streets of L.A. . . . .

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