Thursday, January 15, 2009

Projects in 2009 . . . A First Step

I've always been curious (consumed?) with the idea of "projects." There's something romantic, purposeful, and simply appealing about working on something beyond yourself. The web--and blogs--abound with creative types who seem to spawn projects. I've decided it's time to join the game.

For my first project, I'm going to track what I'm reading in 2009. I'm a pretty heavy reader and would like to see just what and how much I manage to digest in a year. I'll also try to offer a brief review wherever possible to perhaps motivate you to pick up a new book, or not, as the case may be. My only struggle here is whether to include books I'm reading aloud to the kids. If I go that path--and it really is reading, after all--I'll make sure to note the content appropriately.

I'm fishing around for a photographic project. The classic approaches seem to be a photo-a-day or week. There's also the 12 x 12 approach (12 photos in 12 months). We're in the process of creating photo books of the kids (first seven years, first five years) right now and it's delightful. If these turn out well, we'll make books of our travels, ancestors, and anything else that fits. The bottom line is that I need to pick up the camera more to keep that flow of images and ideas fresh.

There's also the crafty stuff. I love reading about what folks are creating and find myself wanting to do the same. As usual, I find myself overthinking things: is this a commitment? should I do this with/without the kids? what if I'm a really bad crafter? Ah . . . so I'll try some stuff and we'll see what develops.

Last but not least is food. Cooking (and eating) is one of my passions. I want to say more here about what I'm making, where I'm finding it, and if anyone is eating and enjoying it.

So here goes . . . finally a leap into the New Year and some great new activities.

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