Sunday, October 30, 2005

At 41 . . .

Today marks the turn of another year for me.

I can honestly say I face it with no regrets and good amount of enthusiasm. I have a wonderful husband Mark, two great children, Graham (4) and Lauren (2), and two energetic hounds, Hamish and Isla. My career challenges and satisfies me; I work with wonderful, intelligent people. I have deeply held interests and I get to pursue them: books, fountain pens, travel, photography, modern art, food and cooking. I am curious and try to be an active, lifelong learner. My life feels balanced . . . mostly.

Like seemingly everyone else, I wish for more time. I could be thinner and more fit. And I will be both, in time. I strive to be more patient and kind. Every year, every day, is a new opportunity, a chance to improve.

At 41, I am comfortable in my own skin. That's worth celebrating. Cheers!


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Anonymous said...

I love your outlook on life. 41 doesn't seem so scary now. I have a ways to go myself before I get there. I am sure someone in their 60's or 70's look back longingly on their 40's, so enjoy those years. Yer a spring chicken! :)