Monday, October 02, 2006

Time to Fall in Love Again

Ah, Fall. Here in Northern California, the air is crisper. The leaves will drop soon. There's a delicious chill in the mornings and evenings. Honestly, I can't wait for rain. I think I may be happiest with a blanket of grey clouds across the horizon. It's a kind of cushion for the soul that bright sun discourages. It's time for books, sweaters, blankets, and hearty food.

Farmer's markets are reflecting the shift in seasons; we're seeing more hearty greens, squashes and root vegetables and the end of the tomato season. Another month or so and Dungeness crabs will be at their peak.

I need to fall in love again . . . with the kitchen. Like every other foodie, I have the master plan for kitchen renovation at hand should Fortune smile this way. Still, I can't help feeling it's not about the equipment. I need to crack open those cookbooks gathering dust at the hand of the summer grill season. I look forward to immersing myself (figuratively and a somewhat literally) in soups, stews, and hearty, slow food. These books literally let me explore the world. Even more importantly, they let me express my spirit. I also want to involve my kids more in the kitchen this season, encouraging them to create, taste, and savor.

As the sun sinks ever earlier and the year turns, our hearth needs to grow brighter. It's a right and good balance.

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