Friday, December 22, 2006


I remember much earlier in my career--and my life--that the pace of life slowed as we neared the holidays. I submit that those days are long past. It seems like the goal now is to cram as much as possible into the days before the holidays.

I admit I fell prey to the momentum as well. Yesterday, my entire team flew to LA for a workshop with our ad agency on new media. It was a terrific session and we all learned a great deal. However, I arrived home coughing and feeling a bit under the weather.

This afternoon, my cough progressed to a fever, leaving me drained and my family no-shows at a holiday party.

For the next week, I will blissfully put work behind me and focus on home, my husband and kids, and my own interests. I need to be vigiliant that down time doesn't become jammed with priorities and activities, even personal ones. I need follow the example of my children and just play sometimes.

I guess our bodies tell us what our minds refuse to acknowledge. Everybody needs a rest now and then.

May your holidays be filled with peace.

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