Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Welcome, welcome 2007! I'm still nowhere close to 100% on the health front; the year-end flu has well and truly laid me low. However, I remain a firm optimist about the year ahead. No doubt, the new year will be filled will challenges on both the work and home fronts. However, nothing can top the embrace of my dear husband or terrific children; the exuberant Lab lick also brings joy.

I'm thinking today a great deal about resolutions for this year. I'm caught on the horns of a dilemma. Should my resolutions be bold, "stretch goals" per the popular phrase? Should my resolutions be more moderate, e.g., taking vitamins, reading and writing something every day? Perhaps resolutions are best not made exactly on January 1st. My bias right now is for the moderate resolution: tend to health, of the body, mind and spirit; be kinder to those around me; indulge more in the simple joys as my children experience them.

I clearly need to think and reflect a bit more. Meanwhile, there's laundry to fold in preparation for re-entry tomorrow and dinner to consider in a few hours. Aha, another opportunity for a new year resolution: to eat more healthfully!

The bottom line is that I will do a set of new years resolutions. Those promises will likely be more moderate than not. I'll keep them short and post them here, as well as in the paper journal I'm starting.

"The longest journey begins with a single step," said Lao-Tzu. I am not at all sure where the journey will lead in 2007. However, I can begn to mark those individual steps to greater goals. Perhaps just getting comfortable with the single step is a worthy first step into the new year.


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