Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Saga Doesn't End

Huzzah, the bamboo floors are in! They are beautiful and do change the gestalt of the house. WIthout the fireplace, the common areas have a more loft-like feel. The place feels lighter and more spacious. Somehow it feels we're living more lightly in this place.

Make no mistake, it has been a long and dusty journey. The family had to decamp. Dust is still settling. A number of our posessions are still in boxes. Art is propped against walls, not yet hanging. Like childbirth, I'm told I'll forget the pain in about four weeks. I hope the same applies to my dear husband, who endured the mess with the kids while I flew off to Europe for a week long business trip.

The saga isn't over yet. One change begets another. Now we need new closet doors. Mark wants to give the study a fresh coat of paint. Spring has sprung and we should tend to bits of landscaping. I guess these are the inevitable steps to making this house truly our home.

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