Sunday, March 25, 2007

Something Green

When I listed my goals for the year back in January, I committed to doing six "green" things this year. I'm making progress on this goal and wanted to document the progress.

First up, we've installed bamboo floors. I feel great about having floors that come from a sustainable source. They are beautiful and remind me every day to be sensitive to the environment.

Second, we've converted our Eichler lighting (original to the house) over to flourescent lighting. 150 watts of brightness per bulb for 30 watts of energy. This is a good deal. Our foyer and kitchen are brighter for the effort. Scandinavian nations have legislated the use of these flourescent bulbs. I'm not a huge fan of government intervention but could go there for such a simple change and a big environmental impact.

Third, we're ramping up the recycling. Moving to California, I thought I could not recycle more. I was wrong. Paying simple attention to what can be recycled (and trying to reduce waste in the first place) can be very productive. We've even gotten the kids in on the action. "Do nothing that hurts the earth," my son proclaims. I cannot echo his sentiments enough.

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