Monday, February 23, 2009

Five Rainbows

This morning in Northern California, rain clouds are playing hide-and-seek with the sun. One moment, the light is glorious, the next skies are overcast are a bit menacing.

For two kids on their way to school, the shifting skies promised only one thing: rainbows. Indeed, we spotted not one or two but three rainbows in the five minute drive this morning.

Having had both hands on the wheel and being driven by the tyranny of the clock, I did not have the gear or time for photographs. I'll regret that, I know.

The kids personalities showed through loud and clear in the rainbow spotting. G, my Zen-ish second grader, took each sighting as a singular moment of delight. L, my left-brain Kindergartener, was keeping accounts. "I've seen FIVE rainbows since my birthday [on February 17th]. This is going to be a lucky year for me. FIVE rainbows."

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