Friday, January 04, 2008

California . . . Stormin' (Part 2)

I now understand the power a Pacific storm can wield. We're among the lucky ones; we have power. The winds were significant this morning; hemlocks and redwoods bowing in the wind are not a comforting sight.

Rain pounded Palo Alto this morning. At 7 a.m. this morning the creek behind our house stood at 2.3 feet; no worries, eh? Not so fast. Before noon, Adobe Creek, which has an eight foot depth was up to 5.7 feet and rising. Yes, we live in a flood zone, as does most (all?) of Palo Alto. I monitored the creek via the web as it rose . . . and thankfully subsided, leaving us safe and dry.

We are prepared for emergencies. We have food, water, medication, and emergency radio and charger, hygiene essentials, and dog food safely stashed. Still, I started to worry. Could or should we sandbag? What exactly does that accomplish? We have established a family meeting place if we're separated but if driven out of our house, where would we go? The answer may be as simple as "a hotel" but it's worth thinking through exactly where.

Today, we're safe and sound. The dogs are wet, the floors a bit schmutzy, but we're safe and sound. It's still raining but the creek is back to pre-storm levels. I've managed through weather before but Pacific storms need respect and preparation.

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