Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Small Changes

This is going to be a year of progress. We're making small changes around the house that add up to greater beauty and a more positive frame of mind.

We live in an Eichler, a mid-century modern ranch-style home, in the San Francisco Bay area. Apparently one either loves or hates these houses. We display both attitudes, depending on the day. We would dearly love to just renovate this place, top to bottom, but that's not an option right now. Last year, we took the first step and installed bamboo floors throughout the house. It was a good start.

So far this year, we're making friends with paint, embracing color, and updating fixtures. It's amazing how changing out an old fashioned light switch to a smooth Lutron one can please the eye and the hand. The same holds for casting off the old bathroom light, scratched mirror and plastic (!) towel racks; welcome, brushed stainless steel accessories and energy saving lights. And color, too. The kids/common bath is now yellow, a happy color indeed. There's a new floor there too. The master bath area is now a serene celadon (if you know Eichlers, you'll smile at just how modest "master" can be) . The living room will soon be sporting a stunning red wall. There's still more to come.

It helps to have an incredibly handy husband around to make these changes happen (see photo above). I am a willing set of hands but am continually surprised and delighted with how he can solve problems and tackle new challenges without hesitation. It should be a satisfying 2008 as we improve our little piece of Palo Alto.

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