Sunday, November 02, 2008

Good Food . . . For the Ears

Last month, I started thinking about my "go to" podcasts, the ones I dash to the computer to sync and enjoy on a weekly basis. Today, I wanted to highlight KCRW's Good Food with Evan Kleiman.

The show is LA-based BUT . . . . (as a Northern Californian, there's always that moment of qualification when connecting to something in the southern region). It's a wonderful hour for foodies, highlighting not only what's fresh at the market (I need to confess to the Northern California region lag) but also just great food experiences and encounters. Whether I make it to the specific dining spots highlighted is less important than my understanding a new aspect of Thai food or a newly discovered Mexican delicacy that I can seek out on my own.

Evan Kleiman hosts the show. She's the chef/owner of Angeli Cafe and a smart, wise food guide. She bring folks like Jonathan Gold, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer to the show as well as eclectic characters like Eddie Lin, the "Deep End Diner" for (even) more adventurous fare. KCRW's show is focused on L.A. and Southern California but the content is so very, very good that I find it relevant to my own life a bit further north.

Check out Good Food and I promise: you won't be disappointed.

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