Monday, November 10, 2008

Day of Firsts . . . Reprise

On Saturday, I referenced two firsts for my son: the violin recital and his first necktie.

The violin recital went very well. Graham did not seem nervous prior to performance, although he did refuse to take his violin out of the case for a picture once he had finished practicing earlier in the afternoon. The picture above shows a hint of the black violin case. When his time in the program came, he strode confidently to the music stand, took his bow and waited for the pianists' cue. He played flawlessly. After another bow and cue from the pianist, he completed his second piece, again with excellence. Another bow, a big grin, and he was back to his seat.

One of the most delightful parts of the evening occured during the reception when Graham and a friend slipped away, took out their violins and began to play one of his pieces. Everyone seemed delighted at the spontaneity of the moment. The little guy seems to have a true love of music. He is also quite comfortable and poised in front of a crowd. It's a wonderful thing to see and experience his confidence and joy.

The necktie was a big hit. After a surprising number of calls, Nordstrom's delivered and with a wide selection. He loved the tie and remarked it was very much like one of Dad's. Appropriately, after the recital, he loosened it for a bit of informal play.

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