Friday, November 21, 2008

Toward Fitness . . . Part II

I happily took the second step toward getting in shape today and established a weightlifting program. Getting everything set up--seat position, reps, form, actual weight--was time consuming but put me solidly in starting blocks. Thank you Rico for making sure everything is all set for me.

I do want to comment on how technology is changing the face of the gym. My local Y has a program called Fitlinxx. All of your data, including all machine settings, is entered into the system. At the beginning of a workout, you log in and it moves you from exercise to exercise with all the information you need. It even tracks you minimum and maximum movement to ensure you're working at the proper speed (slow!) and getting the greatest benefit from the exercise. All of your data is available at the gym, at partner gyms, or online; if you're doing exercise that isn't wired directly, you can enter the data manually. Pretty impressive.

The tools are all in place. Now I just need to do the work.

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