Thursday, November 06, 2008

Rocks, Screws, and Stray Socks

Today I've been playing archeologist, excavating my son's room. He can maintain a space (well, not quite actually) but having him around for the heavy lifting just doesn't work. The games are all organized on shelves, the off-season clothes boxed up, his desk neat and ready for work. I have one smallish box of "stuff" including the aforementioned rocks, screws and stray socks to sort and the mission will be complete.

I cleared space on his bookshelf and replaced the batteries in his reading light for late night adventures in words. I'm up for anything we can do to deepen his engagement with books.

The books which he has left behind moved his to his sister's room, my "dig" for tomorrow.

As hard as it can be for me to let go of things, it's brings me joy to see clear surfaces and space on the shelves. I just need to take it step by step.

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