Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Good Day Swimming

The kiddos swim. Every Saturday they're in the pool, learning how to move from point A to point B. Today marked a couple of milestones.

Lauren, at 4 1/2, informed her teacher that she wanted to swim without the float belt. And she did it. Forward crawl, floating, jumping in . . . all without the float belt. Go Lauren!

Graham, at 6, is a Minnow in the YMCA pantheon. The smallest little fish in the class. Today was a very different swim lesson. Lessons are in the lap pool, seven feet deep and about ten degrees colder than the instructional pool. The teacher does not actually get in the water but coaches the kids from the (dry, warm) side. I watched Graham navigate across 25 yards of water at a stretch, treading water to catch his breath. I hoped beyond hope he wouldn't disappear in all that blue water. At the end of class, his teacher said he was a strong swimmer. We just need to work on that breaststroke kick. Huzzah! Go Graham!

It's important to me and to the kids (although they don't really know it yet) to have a go-to physical activity. Today, the Delman kids confirmed that they are swimmers, tired but happy water sprites.

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