Sunday, November 11, 2007

Just Finished Reading . . .

I just finished reading Catherine Goldhammer's Still Life with Chickens. It is very gentle and pleasant read. We enter the story at the point of Goldhammer's divorce and purchase of chickens for her daughter. She chronicles her departure from upscale "Hearts-Are-Cold" to a smaller, ramshackle beach community where her bank account runs low but not dry as she renovates her house. A year of raising the chickens sets the story line and pacing as we witness Goldhammer re-build her life. In the end, her house has become a beautiful home, the chickens and the people have truly found their place.

Goldhammer's book is worth picking up to appreciate her eye for detail and the way she moves between mundane and higher themes. You'll learn more than a bit about chickens along the way, too.

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