Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving Menu

The die is cast. I've finally settled on the menu for our Thanksgiving dinner. I am now ready to cook!

Our turkey arrived today from the good folks at Whirlie Bird in Sonoma; organic and free range are promising. I'll also be brining the beast beginning tomorrow afternoon, using Alton Brown's recipe.

In my family, oyster stuffing (we say dressing) is a tradition. I'll jazz mine up with double the bivalves, fresh herbs, and bakery fresh (but allowed to dry out) bread.

My husband found a great variety of chestnuts this year, so we'll be adding chestnut stuffing to the list.

Tom Colicchio's potato puree sounds wonderful.

Fennel salad with olives and oranges should add color to the table, as should roasted butternut squash with thyme and either Gorgonzola or Roquefort cheese. We'll do an uncooked cranberry relish with orange, too.

Dessert will be maple pumpkin pot de creme. Light, prepared ahead but still wonderfully seasonal.

Our holiday guests, my cousins, don't eat meat or poultry. We'll fire up the grill and share alder-smoked salmon with them.

I'm off to hunt down a good Pinot Noir to accompany the meal.

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