Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Miscellany

NPR has been my constant companion today.

I was impressed that Science Friday has a Twitter address. Not only can you call or email your comments and questions, you can now Tweet them. Based on Ira Flatow's commentary, the Tweeting exceeded expectations.

Obama's press conference proved interesting. I think we have come to expect clear, direct and succinct communication from Obama and he delivered once again. He left some distance between the current economic crisis and his transition to power, saying "Amerian only has one President at a time . . . ." He also had a crew of esteemed economic advisers standing with him at the press conference, offering silent hope that we do have great minds and proven talent working on the issues.

I was struck by the fact that Obama was running about half an hour late for the event. He didn't apologize for the late start, either. I'd like not to believe that's how he values others' time.

Finally, a reporter predictably asked a question about the promised White House dog. He addressed the puppy question with the same seriousness and intensity that he addressed everything else. The commentary, you ask? Malia is allergic to dogs so the dog needs to be hypo-allergenic (his words, not mine). His preference is for a mutt from a shelter but he isn't confident that they'll be able to find a hypo-allergenic mutt. He got a big laugh for saying he preferred "a mutt like me [Obama]." I'll bet every animal shelter around is searching their charges for a hypo-allergenic dog.

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Michael Leddy said...

I'm rooting for a Labradoodle. : )