Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Friends Nursery School

I feel very fortunate to have my daughter attend The Friends Nursery School in Palo Alto (clink link for more). Her space in the program was not the result of our good planning but rather a community email announcing (rare) spaces in the class. I may not always be on top of things but I'm no fool . . . I jumped at the opportunity.

Friends is a parent-particpation preschool. This is not necessarily an easy thing to manage with two professional parents. However, we are proactively handling workdays and fundraising commitments. It's all about being on top of the calendar.

Tonight is a parent education night. I am soon off to attend a session led by a Stanford prof on childhood friendships, what they mean, how they change, how a parent can nurture them. This seems like more than a fair trade. We supply tuition dollars and time to support the program. Friends Nursery School helps us become better, more effective parents and provides a wonderful growth experience for our kids. This seems like a bargain to me.

Thanks, Friends!

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