Friday, November 03, 2006

Week's End

By Friday, I am tired. TIRED. A full week of commuting, pretty intense work, pretty intense kids (2), and a great husband. If I can manage to do laundry, pay bills, contribute to dinner, and the like, it's a lucky strike extra.

I could leave this post at "I'm tired." However, I can't. The reason is simple: I've been blessed with a pretty terrific life. So to wrap up the week, here's what I'm grateful for (not exhaustive, but representative):

A warm, strong hug from my dear husband, my best friend
Snuggles and reading with my two beloved kids
A challenging job to engage my heart and mind
A ready supply of books to offer me both distraction and challenge
A home in what I consider to be paradise: Palo Alto, CA

I could go on . . . and I will. Posting what I'm grateful for will be a significant part of this month's posts.

The very act of writing down what I'm grateful for makes my spirit a bit lighter. More to come.

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