Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Routine Saturday

Today has been another routine Saturday . . . and I love it. I woke up this morning with plenty of time to read and enjoy a cup of coffee prior to the little ones waking up. I took a quick shower while Mark walked the dogs and we bundled the kids off to swimming lessons. Another forty minutes or so to read. We returned home for breakfast.

Uncharacteristically, I needed to do a bit of work this morning. Mark did various chores around the house. I joined in the usual clean up and laundry. Graham was feeling particularly snuggly this afternoon. Curling up with him was an absolute pleasure. Graham and Mark are now off in the kitchen. Lauren is splashing about in the bath. I'm enjoying a glass of wine before we settle down to dinner and a quiet evening.

Life is truly sweet.

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Mrs.Chili said...

Sounds perfectly lovely. What are you reading?