Sunday, November 05, 2006

White Chocolate

My little guy, age 5, has a thing for cooking shows. He watches them and seems to "get" them. As he's gotten a bit older, we've been able to discuss what's happening. This is fun for both of us. Today, we watched Nigella Feasts together. I'm a longtime fan of Nigella Lawson and Graham is a new one. In any case, today's these was chocolate. Nigella chose to use white as well as dark chocolate, puzzling Graham to no end. I realized he's never tasted white chocolate. I remedied the situation and picked up some delicious white chocolate at Whole Foods. I explained that this is what Nigella was using on the show. Both kids cautiously tasted the white disks. However, it was my daughter that responded first and most enthusiastically: "This is DIVINE!" she said. Indeed, Lauren Olivia!

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