Friday, November 10, 2006

New iPod Toys

I confess, I'm an iPod addict. Interestingly, it wasn't music that put me over the top; it was podcasts. I love being able to listen to great conversations and points of view at whim. Favorites, you ask? KQED's Forum consistently provides great insights; it seems Michael Krasny can't have an uninspired conversation. Writers on Writing, Barbara deMarco-Barrett's conversations with authors, agents, and all being literary, is a winner. I love The Accidental Creative, great insights on creativity and how to cultivate it. For photographers, the Lenswork podcast with Brooks Jensen is a regular motivation to pick up the camera and get at it.

Although I haven't downloaded audio books (and I don't know why as I am an avid audio book listener), I have downloaded entire courses from The Teaching Company.

I recently got an iPod video and am actively seeking content. I'm not a huge movie fan but who knows what can happen? I look forward to podcast-y stuff in video format: TED talks, MAKE magazine how to segments, and things from public broadcasting. The how-to wiki also explains how to view You Tube content on your iPod. Getting the video aspect of my life up and running is definitely a project for this weekend.

Today, MacWorld arrived. Among the headlines were fifty new gadgets for the iPod user. Undoubtedly, I'll find holiday possibilities among them. Oh, joy!

There is something magical about having that sleek device(s) at hand to learn, explore, or orchestrate life's score. I'm hooked. And happy!

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